Monday, June 27, 2011

NO lions or tigers or bears. Just birds.

24. Got to Tony's Grove and roast hot dogs
25.Visit Willow Park Zoo
26.Mountain Bike

 In case you don't know, I'm not very good with animals. Okay, that's the understatement of the world. I lose dogs, kill fish, and forget to feed frogs causing them to feed on each other.

Going to Willow Park Zoo was of those things that everybody in Logan seems to have done...multiple times.  As a testament to how truly dull Logan can be, I've had the following conversation at least 6 times in the past year. 

RandomgirlImayormaynotlivewith: I'm bored.

Me: I'm not (because really, when do I get bored?)

RandomgirlImayormaynotlivewith: Oh good, I'm glad you're bored too. Let's go to Willow Park Zoo!

*Cue happy music with bunnies hopping in the background.*

Me: Animals are scary. And also, I don't want to be sued if I accidentally kill a common crow. Or suck up baby sea horses with a vacuum. 

I got away with this until this week when Andie and Kinsey visited me. They said, "Hey let's go to the Willow Park Zoo!" and I realized that it was on my college bucket list. So...I sucked it up and went. The only words are can use to describe the trip? Logan-esque.

I think that possibly, turtles could be an animal that I could put up with. Not like, mind you. Put up with. They are nice and slow and they live a long time. Also I couldn't kill them accidentally (at least not easily).

So maybe when I have kids, and they ask for a puppy, we'll compromise with a turtle. Maybe. I won't get their hopes up.

For the record, "Willow Park Zoo" should be renamed "Willow Park Bird Sanctuary...(with a bobcat and a raccoon. And a snow cone shack)" because SERIOUSLY. I can look out my apartment door and see a common raven. And a robin. Or I can go to Willow Park and see them for $2. Huh.

The exhibits are in this order: birdbirdbirdbirdbirdbird, monkey!, birdbirdbirdbirdbird, elk, bird, duck, duck, duck, duck, bird. 

Except, I did really like the eagle. It made me feel patriotic.


One pet that I will allow my children to have? Pet rocks. So convenient. They don't poop, AND even though they don't quite have the sensitive nature of other pets you can customize them.


Okay...despite the look on Shaun's face the trip really was fun. I promise. 

(Also, I am aware post makes me sound like the worst future mother ever. I may have to budge at some point and allow my kids to have a puppy. As long as it doesn't turn into a dog.)

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