Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why exactly is Tisha so great?

Hi roommates. Anybody that's been with her for two minutes knows the answer to this :) She's the most selfless, kind, effortlessly beautiful person I know. She's always the first to brighten a hard day. She's an all-around good person. Someday, I hope to be half as good as her. Oh, and she does her chores. Can't beat that.

Ask me anything

five 'n yawn

Today, I am the victim of a wandering mind. Try as I might, I can't seem to focus on anything that is relatively important. Considering my to-do list, it's not a great day to go into spacey, incompetent mode. Turns out that lack of sleep, slight twitterpation, two feet of snow, and too many carbs is a lethal combination...at least to my grades. 

#5. A good memory

I could have done this with a picture, but a video gave it more justice.
Oh yeah, sorry it's in parts. There are also a few weird freezing parts. I never figured out how to fix them.

Love these girls :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


In my blog-stalking, I came across Formspring. It lets people ask me any question in the world while remaining anonymous. For some reason, things like this intrigue me. Thus the little box at the bottom of this page. It only took me a few days to get a question.  

Here's today's question:

Insecurities? Secret obsession? One thing that really only family knows about you? I know, I'm such a cheater, asking three questions at once.

One at a time...

I've always been insecure about the way I come across to people. I wanted to stay as far away from being annoying or pesky as possible. Yet, as trying to change a personality often does, it backfired. I became unapproachable. Along with that, I have a constant fear that people, even my best friends and my family, will get sick of me. Irrational? Yes, but most insecurities are.

I don't have many "secret" obsessions. I'm a newspaper freak, but most everybody that has spent two minutes with me knows that. I'm a people watcher. I like to listen in on conversations, read blogs, and in some cases, Google people. It makes me sound like a stalker, I know. Knowing little things about people helps me to have better conversations with them. Because I'm guilty of analyzing everything, it also helps me to decide how to help others based on their personalities. That probably made little-to-no sense, but these are midnight ramblings. 

I am secretly the most self-centered, impatient, impetuous, person in the world (or at least in Logan). I like to think that only my family sees this side of me, although I'm not sure. I'm working on it, but it's one of those lifelong projects. 

Also, only my family knows how much I love 80's TV, Celine Dion, and Lima Beans. Oh, and that books make me cry more than movies do. 

Oh, and you're not cheating. Just flubbing a little. 

Over and Out.

Monday, November 22, 2010

three...and then some.

My A picture that shows your true self:
As much as I hate to admit to it, there are two that come to mind. 

I've enjoyed years of mocking laughter because my face squints like a 90 year-old man when I laugh.

Also, I'm terrible at taking "cute" pictures. It's just not meant to be.

Yeah. Thirty Day Blog Challenge? Fail.

Going through so many pictures has got me reminiscin' though. It was Nate's farewell this weekend, which means I got to see all the peeps for the first time since mid-august. It's funny to see how quickly people change or in some cases, don't change.

I just found out one of my lifeguard buddies is engaged. I stared at the text message that revealed this to me for a while, calculating how long it's been since he went off to school, not dating anybody. Not even three months.

Marriage is good. Marriage is spectacular. Marriage is FOREVER.

Before I make that commitment, I have to find a guy that will put up with me that long. It's not a decision that I can make in a few weeks.

Anyway, enough sounding like a mia-maid lesson.

Logan is beautiful in the snow. I can't wait until I have my Nikon (or possibly Canon) in my hand next week. I'm thrilled. It's something I've wanted for three years and now it's obtainable. Even though my eye is untrained, there is something about photography that is incredible. Obviously I love to write, but real photography can tell a story that words can't. When you put the two together, great writing and breathtaking photography, it's the epitome of why I got into journalism.

Currently, I'm immersed in a JCOM project. It's going to be...well, epic. I'll post the youtube link when we're done.

Monday, November 15, 2010


A picture that confuses me.

Disneyland 2010:

Mostly it confuses me because I can't remember why we were trying to seduce a bush. Also, our expressions both confuse and concern me.

Miss that girl.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I promised myself I wouldn't do this. I hate things that remind me of e-mail forwards of kittens and annoying facebook messages. Yet, I'm doing it.

A picture of something that means a lot to me:

These are two of my close friends from high school. They're best friends and cousins. I love this picture because of their smiles, they radiate. Solomon passed away earlier this year, which is probably part of the reason I appreciate the picture now. Kristen is far away at Snow College living life in the fast lane. Well, as fast as you can get in Ephraim. Even though I'm not with either of them now, thinking about them brings a smile to my face.

Cover me.

Some people hate cover songs. Actually...a lot of people. It's understandable when a random band slaughters your favorite song, which happens more often than not, but I am of the opinion that a good number of people just can't stand to hear their favorite songs in a different style.

That being said, there are some really terrible covers. I mean, Britney Spears singing "I Love Rock and Roll" should have never happened. Really, every time I think of my Mia Maid group preforming it at our ward fundraiser complete with too-tight shirts and hairbrushes, I cry a little.

  Occasionally there's just a song that's better done than the original. That's not the case with all the covers, and not even all of the ones on this list. But without further ado, my top ten favorite covers.
10. Sweet Caroline-Glee

Go ahead and balk. And yes, I have listened to the original. This just has more life to it then Neil Diamond.

9.Such Great Heights-Ben Folds

I still love the original more, but who could it better than Ben Folds? Oh, yeah. Iron and Wine.

8. Telephone-Aston

Gorgeous. It astounds me how everybody but Lady Gaga herself can make her songs sound good.

7. Fix You-Secondhand Serenade

This is the junky pop side of me, but this song makes my heart fall into a million pieces. Also, I could marry his voice. Not him, just the voice.

6.Youth Group – Forever Young

It makes me think happy hippie thoughts.

5. Guns and Roses-Knocking on Heavens Door

In ninth grade, I went through a Guns and Roses stage. This is pretty much the only thing that stuck.

4. Michael Bublé-Cry Me a River

His voice runs over Justin Timberlake's like a steamroller running over a pea.

3. Ben Folds- Still Fighting It

I didn't even know this was a cover until recently. Love the video too.

2. Gavin Mikhail- I'll Follow You Into the Dark

I've never heard a cover that can compete with original, but this is the closest. It might just be me, but this song is incredibly powerful in a mellow way.

1. Disco Curtis-Just Dance

I am a mellow music person, but this makes me want to mosh. It's not only far superior to the original, but it's head banging, dancing, crazy fun. If you can get me to like a heavy song, you know it has to be good.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Missin, Missin, reminiscin.

Oh the days.

I saw this lovely picture posted on Alyssa's blog and realized how much I miss this. Don't get me wrong. I don't miss high school at all. I don't even miss the good 'ol Ledger. As stated before, I miss being part of something GOOD. Something productive. Even when I'm volunteering at the Food Pantry or Tutoring I don't feel like an integral part of a group. I started giving service because I like people relying on me. I like using my time to create positive change. Yet in all of my service I'm treated like I'm just there to get hours for a scholarship. I shouldn't be complaining, I'm only a Freshman, but part of being Allee is a constant need to be productive. I'll probably regret this statement next year but if I could I would drop all the time I'm involved with other organizations and spend it at the paper. Since I didn't get the senior position at the Statesman, It'll be next year when that happens. 

I knew I probably wouldn't get it and I'm satisfied with that. I'm just missing something I've never had before. 

I wish I could write all the time. Life would be even better than it is now, if that's possible. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Let me tell a story about how I've written nothing worthwhile and the semester is almost over.

Once upon a time, Allee wrote for three months, looked back, and realized it wasn't good. In fact, it had no spark. It was a jumble of quotes and messiness. It made her heart cry big tear drops.

The end.

I read writing like Rhett's, or Ben's, or my editors and I feel like shriving up like a raisin that's been in the sun too long.

I swear, I used to be able to write well. I promise.

Current mood: about like this.

There was a much better one. I just deemed it inappropriate.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Freshman Status

Just interviewed for the a senior writing position at the Statesman.

I don't know that I'll actually get it, but I want it. Heaven knows how bad I want it.

I miss being a part of something. I might be on staff, but I'm not part of the staff. The difference between the two is like comparing an Oreo to an Duplo, that stupid knock-off brand that slightly resembles mud-colored sawdust.

Even though we weren't all best friends at the Ledger, we were tight, at least in the sense we knew everything about each other. I need to be in a tight group of semi-productive people. It's part of my nature.

Anyway. I'm hoping beyond hope.

But I'm still a freshman, which means...well, you can guess. I don't want to jinx myself.

Still want it.


Oh, read this. It made me laugh that people spend time doing this.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Great Debate

After a long and sleepless night, I stood by the drink machine in Old Main having a battle with myself. There was Diet Coke, Water, and Dr. Pepper. There was also Vitamin Water (guahf, vitamins), which would have been my first choice, but sadly I was short a quarter. Here's a conversation you never needed to read:

"Diet Coke kept my young leaders up for 3 days straight all those years ago. I'm sure it could help me for three hours."

"Duh, Allee. Caffeinated. "

"Dr. Pepper...wonderful, sugar-induced awakness."

"Caffeinated, but much more more tempting"

Note: There are two things I almost never do. Drink soda and partake (bahaha) of caffeine. Call me a prude, but soda   makes you fat and caffeine, in my mind, is a drug that is fairly addictive. I believe them both to be destructive. However, at some point in my life I have obviously had soda, a few times with caffeine. And yes, of course it has to do with being LDS, but even if I wasn't, I would think caffeine was an addictive substitute for actually being healthy and sleeping. Also, there was a time, around my thirteenth year, when I was addicted to caffeine free Dr. Pepper. It was a happy time.

Anyway...back to Allee being tempted.

I was literally moving my hand to button #12. The button that could deliver me liquid sugar. The button that could actually get me to remember something from my next three classes.

"By buying this product, I are letting that company have power over my body. I'm telling myself that I have no control. I'm giving myself to an intimate object that will be gone within the hour."

Yes. I've obviously been to school way too much. By now, you're probably wondering why you're spending time reading about a girl making a seemingly tiny issue into a life decision. She doesn't know why either.

Now, I'm sitting in class with a bottle of water to my left. I'm still utterly exhausted, and I know I won't remember much about today, but I won a battle against myself. Stupid? Probably.

aw well.

For my entertainment...