Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Missin, Missin, reminiscin.

Oh the days.

I saw this lovely picture posted on Alyssa's blog and realized how much I miss this. Don't get me wrong. I don't miss high school at all. I don't even miss the good 'ol Ledger. As stated before, I miss being part of something GOOD. Something productive. Even when I'm volunteering at the Food Pantry or Tutoring I don't feel like an integral part of a group. I started giving service because I like people relying on me. I like using my time to create positive change. Yet in all of my service I'm treated like I'm just there to get hours for a scholarship. I shouldn't be complaining, I'm only a Freshman, but part of being Allee is a constant need to be productive. I'll probably regret this statement next year but if I could I would drop all the time I'm involved with other organizations and spend it at the paper. Since I didn't get the senior position at the Statesman, It'll be next year when that happens. 

I knew I probably wouldn't get it and I'm satisfied with that. I'm just missing something I've never had before. 

I wish I could write all the time. Life would be even better than it is now, if that's possible. 

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  1. I feel so unproductive whenever I read your stuff.
    You have so much interesting, metaphorical stuff to say.
    Deep, deep like the ocean type of stuff.
    I feel like I'm just picking shells off the beach. Haha.


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