Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cover me.

Some people hate cover songs. Actually...a lot of people. It's understandable when a random band slaughters your favorite song, which happens more often than not, but I am of the opinion that a good number of people just can't stand to hear their favorite songs in a different style.

That being said, there are some really terrible covers. I mean, Britney Spears singing "I Love Rock and Roll" should have never happened. Really, every time I think of my Mia Maid group preforming it at our ward fundraiser complete with too-tight shirts and hairbrushes, I cry a little.

  Occasionally there's just a song that's better done than the original. That's not the case with all the covers, and not even all of the ones on this list. But without further ado, my top ten favorite covers.
10. Sweet Caroline-Glee

Go ahead and balk. And yes, I have listened to the original. This just has more life to it then Neil Diamond.

9.Such Great Heights-Ben Folds

I still love the original more, but who could it better than Ben Folds? Oh, yeah. Iron and Wine.

8. Telephone-Aston

Gorgeous. It astounds me how everybody but Lady Gaga herself can make her songs sound good.

7. Fix You-Secondhand Serenade

This is the junky pop side of me, but this song makes my heart fall into a million pieces. Also, I could marry his voice. Not him, just the voice.

6.Youth Group – Forever Young

It makes me think happy hippie thoughts.

5. Guns and Roses-Knocking on Heavens Door

In ninth grade, I went through a Guns and Roses stage. This is pretty much the only thing that stuck.

4. Michael Bublé-Cry Me a River

His voice runs over Justin Timberlake's like a steamroller running over a pea.

3. Ben Folds- Still Fighting It

I didn't even know this was a cover until recently. Love the video too.

2. Gavin Mikhail- I'll Follow You Into the Dark

I've never heard a cover that can compete with original, but this is the closest. It might just be me, but this song is incredibly powerful in a mellow way.

1. Disco Curtis-Just Dance

I am a mellow music person, but this makes me want to mosh. It's not only far superior to the original, but it's head banging, dancing, crazy fun. If you can get me to like a heavy song, you know it has to be good.

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