Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today on the way home, Allee stepped into a muddle (a literish allee-ism for mud and puddle). Because of this, she had to remove her shoe.

Basically, she hopped down 1200 E. with one shoe on.

She sees an extremely attractive runner boy, with those running shoes that are made to form fit your feet.

Allee really wants a pair. Tisha says they're only for people who can run a hundred miles a day. We'll work on that.

The boy looks at her funny, because she only has one shoe while he has super-hot-running-feet shoes. Meh.

After she had been home a while, she looks at the clock and realizes she is late for her news meeting. She grabs the ugliest pair of flip-flops to ever grace the Jones hall carpet (which desperately needs to be vacuumed, btw), and rushes out the door. She gets to the news meeting, passing by her editors at the front of the office who probably think she's just run a marathon because she's panting like a over weight golden retriever. She looks around, and realizes she's 24 minutes early.

She walks back past her editors.
And feels quite foolish.


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