Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I have now made it through almost two weeks of living without a mommy, and three days of college classes. Without further ado...

What I've learned from 3 days of being a Freshman
Sleep is a commodity.
I don't actually miss much, except the humor and wit of Steph-en.
Pick boys like you pick watermelon. With care.
With that...baking food for the male sex changes lives.
I like spinach?
Living with roommates is like when I was eight years old and I got to have a sleepover and stay up all night doing stupid things, and then I would crash the next day. Except, it's everyday.
I'm really glad to not be an agriculture major. Or a family and consumer science major. Or a math major.
I'm scared to death to be a journalism major.
Logan is devoid of radio stations.
I am not special. There are at least a thousand people exactly like me.
E-textbooks are the best money saving worst idea ever.
I won't buy toilet paper for my roommates again.
On that note, I really do love my boy-crazy, meowing, ramen noodle cooking, roommates.
Like....a lot. Almost as much as I love laughing at My Super Sweet Sixteen.

And most ironically... I learned I'm not actually a freshman. Just in personality.

Because everybody's mother would let them have a buff, tattooed, european man at man at thier sixteenth birthday party.

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