Monday, October 11, 2010

Andy, you're a star

I've rediscovered my love for The Killers. I remember when I was first getting into the odd music scene around seventh grade. I told my parents that I wanted The Killers CD, I think they thought I wanted to listen to a bunch of guys in prison that screamed about murder. Not quite.

I'm grateful that my parental figures never tried to quell my eccentric taste in music. Even when I went through a Guns and Roses phase in 9th grade, they just played along knowing I would hate it later.

There's something special about The Killers though. I've been through hundreds of bands since I discovered them, but I always come back to their odd-ball lyrics and wonderful, if not slightly designless, instrumentation. 

I'm surprised that I haven't realized this before college but my being a Logophile- a lover of words- is a double edged sword. The people that hurt me that most are those who know how to use words against me. On the other hand, I'm also very receptive to positive language. I crave it. 

Today, I had an incredible run. The rain was sweet, but just light enough that it kissed my face. I was right on the side of mountain so I could smell pine trees. At home running is always such a responsibility. It's so much more open in Logan. The air feels cleaner, although I'm sure I'll question the validity of that statement in December. 

Also, I was in Logan Canyon tonight celebrating Sarah's birthday. Everything about it screamed fall. The crunching yellow leaves, the air just nippy enough to be wonderful, and the fact that there were no bugs. I love nature. 

I sat and looked at the stars for a while and wondered how so many people can't believe in God. It overwhelms me. There are hundreds of tiny things that happen to me everyday that reaffirm that my Savior is standing by me. Of course, I haven't been in the shoes of others. I just wish they could feel what I do daily. Resounding happiness and peace. Where would I be without it?

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