Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If all else goes awry, make long lists and take bad pictures

1. I can't just do a task. I manage to bring my personality into everything...even playing hang-man with children at the literacy fair. What can I say? A 12 year old kid made it perfectly clear that HE wanted to come up with words, so I put my color sorting skills to use.  I tried to build a laffy taffy tower, but it turn out that this nasty, chewy, funny colored candy isn't great for stacking. Pretty sure I'm the only person that's ever going to be  kicked off the Student Teaching Arithmetic and Reading club.

2. Statesman meeting today. My only complaint is that we should do it more often. It seems that every other girl I know complains her major doesn't have enough boys. Not only is that not a problem, but most of the Statesman boys are attractive AND witty. Oh, yeah. They can write. Take that family and consumer science majors. (Just kidding, I think)

3. I'm putting a list on a list. OCD? Lists are what make things actually happen in my life. I help a little too. 

4. #203 girls struck again with a bomb after new year/andie's half birthday/quesadilla party. I have no pictures and no facebook to steal pictures. I did find this one gem of a photo on my phone. We love this boy. If you're reading this blog thinking "I simply must have more pictures!" then you can visit 201 and steal Tyrell's ipod. We only took...137 pictures. 

5. We really loved tetris for a while. Technically, we still love tetris. Our schedules are a different story...

6. The engineering lab either:

a. doesn't think women can be engineers
b. doesn't think women engineers need to use the bathroom

I looked long and hard for a bathroom. I found two men's restrooms, a cement lab, and 5 maps that didn't tell me where a bathroom was located. 

7. The other day, I was walking to class thinking about a guy. I kicked some snow in front of me, only it wasn't snow. It was cement covered in ice. I started to slip, but caught myself in mid-air. I won't multi-task anymore. 

8. Looking for housing next year, I came across this description. This was an ad, not a review. 

"Simple., functional apartment."

Good advertising. Definitely sold me with functional.  

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