Saturday, January 1, 2011


Yesterday I was wandering the aisles of Target giftcard in hand, wondering what I could buy that wouldn't get thrown under my dorm bed not to be seen until May. I overheard this conversation between two stalwart, red-vested, employees.

Employee 1: After I pay all the darn bills, there's nothing left in my paycheck. Nothing. Not a penny.

Employee 2: Oh...

Employee 1: I just get those bills, and it's all gone.

Employee 2: Do you spend it on booze?

Employee 1: Nah, those booze...they mess with ya real good. They do things. I'm not gonna spend my money on no Booze.

I hover around the Legos aisle longer than I need to, just to hear the conversation. As I'm walking away, Employee 1 kindly asks if I need help. Since I'm not really in the market for Legos, I thank her and start to walk away.

Employee 1: Those booze, they don't do you any good ya know. Don't touch them. They make you do things...

She's talking to me.

Suddenly, because I wasn't wearing make-up, hadn't done my hair that day, and was wearing an old hoodie and jeans, I felt as she were telling me I looked like an alcoholic.

Lesson learned, lesson learned.

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