Friday, March 25, 2011


7:00 AM: I didn't want to wake up today. When my alarm clock went off with that super-annoying octave jump I wanted to throw it against the wall. This semester, I've been a morning person. I like waking up before the sun and squeezing one more hour of work out of my day.

Just not today. Possibly because I was up well past midnight trying to write about health care.

10:30: Today, Katie sends me to hang a poster on the bottom floor of the TSC and to the bookstore to look for a trophy (?)  for the quiz bowl  The bookstore people look at me like I'm crazy. I stand awkwardly in the TSC, trying to hang a poster on a wire. I finally ask this guy for a chair, and walk up and down the hall trying to find the RIGHT wire, because it has to be between wire 8 and 12. The wires, however, are not in order. I stand awkwardly again on the chair, trying to hang it myself and realizing how stupid I look.

12:00 PM It snowed today. Big, fat, wet, flakes that were just enough to make my shoes wet. I should have hated it. In case you didn't know, I'm not the biggest fan of snow. Or cold. I made an exception today. It was disgusting outside but it pleased me.

4:00: I got an e-mail about the JCOM banquet today. At first, I was excited. I was supposed to go last year, but the super organized journalism department (har har. I love them, really. Just don't plan your schedules around them) never told me about it. The only reason I even knew I got a scholarship was an e-mail telling me I needed to send a thank-you note. 

All the sudden I had a realization.


And then my life was awkward. I know journalism boys. I do. The only problem is that they're all seniors or dating somebody. I'm at a cross roads. I don't disagree with the girl-ask-guy scenario, but I've never liked it. Girls complain about guys not asking them out, but it has to be hard. I couldn't be a guy. 

4:45 My R.A is right outside my door, explaining the intricacies of half-baths and bad carpet to some wide-eyed, slightly bewildered, 17-year olds. The A-day-ers have been everywhere, bringing with them an air of excitement, nervousness, and who knows what else. I never came to A-day. Seeing them made me kind of glad.

5:10: Today, I'm on my way out the door to Salt Lake. Goodbye world. I'm off to the Festival of Colors.

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