Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Dear World,

First thing's first, I apologize for being such an awkward person. I'm sorry I get tongue tied when the cool kids talk to me. I can feel you cringe when my timing is terrible, or when I'm not sure where my hand is supposed to go. I know I'm a little clumsy. I know when there's a blanket of silence, I'm bound to break it with some goofy comment. I was born inelegant. Even though I try to hide that part of me, it generally shows up at convenient times like job interviews, dates, and parties.

Despite this,World, thank you for a wonderful day. Thank you for sending me friends who can look beyond my gawky self, and a boy that can too (well...I guess time will tell). Thank you for shaping my life into something good this year. Thank you for giving me guts right in the moments I needed them most. Thank you for all of the people you've sent into my life. I just read a blog where a girl lists out the 100 people who have influenced her for good in the past year. Someday, if I have time I'll do that because I want all of these wonderful people to know who they are.

Just thanks. For turning this really awkward girl into....something good. I'm not sure what it is yet.



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