Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bottle it up

I love too many things today.

I love the sunshine that makes my nose a little too pink. I love gazing at picture perfect clouds on my little deck. I love the fact that I have a deck.

I love lazy Sundays, falling asleep on this huge, brown, burgundy couch listening to NPR.

I love that I opened my phone after church and had a missed call.

I love that I my calves ache from running 30 miles last week.

I love new. New people, new grass, new memories, new job.

I love that the songs that float to me from neighbor boy, who can really rock a six string.

I love the smell of books. They intice me.

For no particular reason, I love today. I wish I could put it in a mason jar and store it forever. That way, whenever I was feeling summer lust I could open it just a crack and get a whiff of sun and lotion that smalls like orange creamsicles. And fire works. And Smithfield right after it rains. And a thousand other things I wish I could put words to.

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