Tuesday, May 10, 2011

They call it summer

“I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am.”
Sylvia Plath
(Poor Sylvia. An oven had to be a terrible way to die)

I'm taking a deep breath. The library is still and nearly empty. I hadn't been here since school ended nearly a week ago, so walking through those doors again was like getting a big warm hug. I didn't realize how much I would miss curling up in my corner with a textbook and a bag of crackers. When I tell people that I miss school, sometimes they think I'm odd. I love to learn. I always have. I like having deadlines to meet and places to be. I miss the people and the bustle. Most of all, I miss my classes. Alexandria was the Greek capital of Egypt founded by Alexander the Great. The bible dictionary says it was "an important center of commerce and learning; its library was the largest in the world.".

A temple worker told me that, and I've never forgotten it. It was the first time I thought my name was cool.

Yesterday, I got lost. You may ask how one gets lost in a lovely little town like Logan, but it's quite simple. Start running north and don't stop for an hour. My brain may have stopped, but those darn feet of mine just kept moving. When I finally stopped to catch my breath, I looked up at one of the most breathtaking sights that I've ever seen. Below me one side was the canyon. It had been raining for two days (bah!), but everything was green. On the other side of me, I could overlook the entire city.

My life is starting to settle into a pattern. I like patterns. I'll walk to work in the morning, occasionally grabbing a bagel along the way. I'll sit at a desk and write until the afternoon. I'll go home, eat a grilled cheese sandwich on a paper towel. I'll go on a run, or a swim (when the pool opens. Double bah!). I'll come home, shower, and go find somebody that will put up with me for a few hours. For a few seconds a day, I'll think about the people that I miss, but I won't dwell on it. I'll live in the moment and realize that it will only be a few months before I see them again. I'll watch the sun set. I'll bury my face in a book too much. Occasionally a tear might slip, but 99 percent of of the time, there will be a smile on my face.

Everyday, I'll wake up and say, "Live it up, Evensen. This is your time."

And that, it is.

2010 Logan Utah by David Densley.

Summer Goals:
Finish the Bible
Run, Bike, Swim, Hike 400 miles.
Practice being more assertive in all facets of life
Visit the temple weekly
Learn to love people more deeply.
Get to the point where instead of being like, "That was a spiritual experience," I can be like, "That was a human experience".
Read the ENTIRE AP Stylebook
Read 5 books from the classics list
Have too much fun

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