Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hello, call me awkward.

This is nine hours worth of call center doodles. Nine very long, boring hours. I have a hard time sitting still for twenty minutes, so you can imagine me sitting at a desk, calling 563 phone numbers.

Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad.

Sadly enough, these calls were the highlight of my day. About 1:00, big, buff manager (we shall call him Buffy) taps me on the shoulder.

"Hey, you need to go over to that table right there."

Enter: Random Drug Test

Without going into detail, I FAIL the drug test. Not because I'm on speed (come on guys, this is the girl who is scared to take Tylenol), but because I did it wrong. Poor nurse. I was the last one on the list so she had to watch me down way too much water in 15 minutes. We sat. And sat. And sat. She occasionally tried to make small talk, but what can you say to somebody you're testing for drugs?

After 45 minutes, we're all set to go when she clears her throat awkwardly.

"Because we have to do this twice, I'm required to watch you."

Enough said. My life is awkward.

In other news, I had the best weekend ever. Probably. I haven't experienced every weekend possible, so I guess I don't really know. If man first landed on the moon on a Saturday, I'm out of luck. But it was almost moon worthy. I...

  • Ate pie on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Went to a Farewell and a Homecoming (Pie!)
  • Watch the Truman Show with a very confused mother. The Truman Show itself would have never made it on the list, but the confused mother pushed it over the top. 
  • Saw all of my girls. At the same time. In the same place. (This event hasn't occurred since...Spring Break)
  • Ran a good 5 miles 
  • Stayed up wayyyy to late talking to the siblings. 
  • Saw the kid who still manages to make me smile from 78 miles away. 
This list reminds me of how good I have it, even after a day like today. 

Also it reminds me of how hungry I am. 

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